Repair all kinds of leather with our Leather Refinishing System.

Make your car seat
and furniture look like brand new. You can
repair tears, burns and stains while using
our exact color matching system.


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Made in the USA!

OEM Supplier

Supplier to Ford


All of our products are EPA and OSHA safe. Your safety is key to our organization and we will only sell and produce products that are easy to use and dispose of.

See our list of available Leather Refinishing Technologies Products.


We are unique in this industry in that we produce and color match all of our products to OEM standard specifications.

We offer custom color matches, just $25.00 per color.

We have 16 primary colors and over 100 pre-matched colors. Our colors are pre-matched using a color spectrophotometer designed specifically for OEM customers.

Our goal is to bring you the truest color available by meeting the OEM color master standard.


Grinding pigments to a fine powder and allowing them to settle slowly into a solution is a very difficult process that only a few companies in the world offer. Automotive pigments are of the finest grade. They do not shift, bleed or fade. These pigments are finely ground and filtered after blending to ensure an even, uninterrupted application.

LRT’s major goal is to provide the highest quality and the strongest pigment. Typically our pigments are 1-2 times stronger in color than our aftermarket competitors. This means you will have to apply fewer coats to change a color and there is less chance of failure.


Our products are filtered through a 100 micron filter.